Publié par : Simon BERNES | 11 mai 2010


What about the nightlife here in Malta ?


Well, I must admit that this small country has no reason to be jealous of other European places. Though the clubs are not very big, Paceville (pronounced Patchvill) is the main nightlife place where quite everybody can enjoy a party during the weekend. All the clubs are centered in a main street, where one can enjoy a night from 6pm to 6am. I will not list all the names of the clubs, but amongst those 36 clubs (yes, I tried to count them all ^^) everyone can find the right place where to drink, dance to the music he likes and meet the people he wants to meet. The ones I prefer are the Havana, the Nordic Bar, Hugo’s, the Native Bar & the Fuego… Well I mean, I actually love them all, as long as there is music, drinks & people! I should not tell that but Paceville helps me to belong in Malta. Yes, it’s true, even though some would say that during the weekend I should rest or simply visit some cultural places, I can confirm that going out is good for the mood. And besides, it has more touristic interest that one could say… I mean, every tourist enjoys going out during his/her holidays. This is part of tourism.

However, the nightlife in Paceville is simply crazy. In a country where everyone seems to be involved in religious matters, this area is like a kind of place where everyone can act in any way he wants without being judged. Well, of course, the youth in Malta are not so religious, but still, some behaviours are hardly understandable… I will not talk about this on my post, because there is no point of interest, but I mean, like everywhere in the world, nightlife means « den of iniquity ».

But still, Paceville remains the place to go for the weekend, sometimes to see friends, sometimes to be seen, or dance, or drink… But the most important point to notice here in Paceville, is that every club entrance is free of charge, and that the drinks are very cheap. Plus, if you walk down the street during the week, you will be offered free vouchers, which will prove to be very useful during the weekend. When compared to Paris for instance, one would spend 50€ a night while spending only 15/20€ here in Malta!

To conclude, I will just add that I personally enjoy going to Paceville. Everyone seems so friendly, and you can meet some very great people there!

So, see you next Friday 😉



  1. un peu de mal avec mon anglais des landes de gascogne… mais j’ai compris l’essentiel! enfin je pense! THANK YOU SIMON

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