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Malte est une île qui attire de nombreux de touristes. Le meilleur moyen de s’en rendre compte est de lire les témoignages de certains visiteurs ou locaux.


1. D’où viens-tu ? Combien de temps a duré ton expérience à Malte ?

2. Qu’est-ce qui te plaît le plus à Malte ?

3. Quel est le lieu touristique que tu préfères ?




Sherese répond :

1. I’m Maltese 🙂

2. The best thing I think is the relatively lack of crime that happens here, and the overall sense of solidarity of the Maltese people.

3. I prefer Mdina, which used to be the capital city of Malta back in the back. It offers a variety of historic places to visit and as it is also referred to as ‘The Silent City’, there are no cars around and no excessive noises. It is like a shrine to when Malta was battling the World Wars and is a token of pride for the Maltese in general.


Nicolas répond :

1. I’m in Malta since 4 months and I will stay 1 month more. I’m from France

2. It’s not a too much industrialized country

3. Azur Window


 Marie Sophie répond :

1. Française, 4 mois

2. the night life is perfect 🙂 et le temps est idéal pour des vacances détente

3. Gozo, Sliema et St julians


Mohammed répond :

1. Français2 months

2. nice place , night life perfect like marie so , weather is perfect too

3. sliema, saint julians, gozo and paceville 🙂


Patrick répond :

1. Venant du sud-ouest de la France, je suis venu à Malte pour une semaine de vacances.

2. Les meilleures choses à dire sur Malte sont la tranquillité et l’accueil de la population ‘NO STRESS’. La rapidité et l’autenticité du réseau de Bus Maltais avec un tarif très abordable.

3. Le meilleur endroit visité sur l’île est le village de pêcheurs de Marsaxlokk, mais on ne peut pas oublier ‘AZUR WINDOW’ sur l’île de Gozo.


Giliane répond :

1. I am French and stayed 3 months in Malta

2. Malta is the place where I learnt the meaning of melting-pot: I met people from all over the world, night life: it’s GREAT… It’s an island with its own story with such a rich culture

3. St julian’s, paceville, valletta, Mdina


Sandra répond :

1. This is Sandra…I am Maltese

2. Though it is strange to comment on my own country, I would say that the people here are very friendly , they all speak English and a lot of people can also speak Italian, mainly because of the many TV channels available and also because Malta is only 60 miles away from Siciliy. The people here are very friendly and helpful, they go out of their way to help. The cuisine is typical Mediterranean. Many restaurants specialise in Fish or seafood. We have also our own traditional food, like ‘ghagin il forn » being pasta cooked in the oven, Fenech ie rabbit stew, kawlata which is a typical vegetable soup with meat. Maltese sausages, timpana which is another typical pasta with pastry cooked in the oven, torta tal lampuki which is a pie with fish and spinich filling, ravjul bl irkotta which is ravioli filled with a typical soft cheese. we have also our own gbejniet, cheeslets from sheep milk. The famous pastizzi which every student can buy at a very cheap price in the little take away’s, scattered around the island. What about the typical cruncy Maltese Bread or Ftira biz zejt…a type of ciabatta bread filled with tomatoes, basil, capers, olives, tuna, olive oil, onions and herbs…it is very popular to eat on the beach in the evening when the sun is setting and the temperature is slightly cooler.

3. MMM best place in Malta?? Simon, I am afraid I cannot mention one!!! There is first of all Gozo in general as an Island, surrounded by the beautiful sea. On entering the harbour with the ferry boat one can see the beautiful picturesque landscape and the church overlooking the harbour. There are many nice places to see in Gozo, like the Citadella, the beautiful beaches, the greenery …it is also known as the island of the three hills…. Xlendi Bay, ir ramla il hamra bay, marsalforn and San Blas are a few of the beautiful beaches surrounding this little island. Victoria/Rabat s the capital of Gozo is also a must to visit. The little sister island of Comino, and it’s famous blue lagoon is also very popular with locals and tourists alike. The beautiful turquoise sea is not to be missed!!!! Let us come to Malta now, the largest of the three islands. It is less greener than Gozo, more populated and more noisy than Gozo. Malta’s main touristic areas are Sliema and Bugibba. One can find numerous coffee shops, restaurants, pubs, hotels, ice cream shops and take alway’s in these two popular areas. Simon is lucky to work and live in Sliema , just across the road from the promenade and beach. The beach in this part of the island is rocky but there are beautiful sandy beaches like, Ghajn Tuffieha Bay, Paradise Bay, Ghadira Bay, Armier Bay, gnejna Bay. There are also picturesque villages where one can see the typical farmhouses built of typical limestone or visit the quarries where they cut the stone which is used to consturct the typical Maltese houses. Some nice villages are Mosta with it’s famous Dome, Zebbug, Siggiewi and Zurrieq where one can take the boat to visit the beautiful Blue grotto caves . Mdina is the old capital city of Malta and it is full of history and beautiful narrow streets, famous Cathedral it’s beautiful fortification, dungeouns, museums, souvenir shops and the Fontanella coffee shop with it’s delicious mouth watering cakes.. Mdina is the highest point in Malta. Valletta being the capital is a must. Shops, coffee shops, cathedral, museums, Barrakka gardens with the view of the port, Fort St Elmo are all places one must visit. The three cities which one can see laying opposite Valletta from the Barrakka Gardens are like Valletta itself very rich in history. Old building dating back to the knights of Malta, arches, churches, fortifications are still a treasure of the past. Vittoriosa k/a Birgu , one of the three cities, the others being Senglea k/a Isla and Bormla/Cospicua was a naval base when Malta was a British colony and Fort St Angelo is very well known when the Naval base was stationed in Malta.
I am tired of writing but there is definately much more to say about this little gem in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, it’s culture, history and it’s perfect climate all year round. I must however conclude that Simon is a very nice person. It is a pleasure to have him here in Malta with us. He is hard working and a promising student who knows what he wants in life and I am sure that with his positive attitude he will attain very good results and has very and will have very good opportunities in life.


Marion répond :

1. 4 mois

2. le climat, l’atmosphère maltaise en général (à la fois très culturelle et très « mediteranean spirit« )

3. toute la côte de Golden Bay, Paceville 


Hannah répond :

1. I’m staying in Malta for just over 2 months working in a dive centre, I’ve been here since the end of June and I come from England.

2. The best thing for me about Malta is the diving. Malta is one of the best places in the Mediterranean sea to dive. It has good marine life, wrecks, reefs and clear waters. Malta is also a great place to stay as the weather is always nice, it’s safe and the nightlife is amazing.

3. I enjoyed a trip to Valletta, as the grand harbour and the buildings are beautiful. There’s also lots of shops, restaurants and things to do for everyone.


Nilgun répond :

 1. 3 weeks & come from France

2.  endroit à conseiller! superbe atmosphère & endroit très agréable et très intéressant au niveau touristique.

3. St Julian’s, Paceville, Valletta


Sana répond :

1. 1 week and I come from France but I was travelling from London when I went to Malta

2. Malta has a rich culture so beautiful, natural and wild places

3. St Julians, Valletta, Gozo, Dingli Cliff but I have been definitely seduced by Blue Grotto


Nick répond :

1. I stayed more than 6 Months in Malta. Started an Internship in Valletta, but after a few weeks I realized Malta is too good to work. I quit my internship and decided to spend a long holiday in Malta, and it has been great. I am from Holland, the Netherlands or as the French know Les Pay Bais (?).

2.  The best thing I can tell about Malta, it is too much to mention. But my favorite place is absolutely Paceville of course.

3. The nightlife is great, nice chicka’s, nice bars, especially my personal favorite the Nordic bar. For the rest I love that it is surrounded by the ocean and the sea is not further away than 5 min walking. Comino with its blue lagoon has been the most beautiful place I ever been, and is definetely worth visiting by any Tourist. Other nice places are Mdina, the silent city, Gozo and the Azur Window, Blue Grotto at Zurieq and Peppi’s in Sliema.


Jenny répond :

1. I stayed for 16 days and come from England

2. Definitely nights out in Paceville, really friendly people and perfect weather

3. Paceville, St Julians and Sliema– Never got any further than these places! 🙂


Nicolas répond :

1. ca fait un tout petit peu plus d’un mois que je suis là, et je viens de region parisienne.

2. La meilleure chose que je puisse dire sur Malta c est que la fete ne s arrete jamais tout comme le soleil, et bien que l ile soit petite il y a toujours de magnifiques paysages a decouvrir.

3. Pour le reste etant donne que je n ai pas encore eu le temps de visiter tous les lieux touristiques de Malte je ne pourrais pas repondre, cependant le plus beau site pour moi reste l Azzurra Finestra a Gozo


Sephora répond :

1. Je suis maltaise et aussi la collègue de Simon pour cet été 😉

2. La proximité des villages, le climat, les belles plages, la diversité des attractions qui attirent de différents gens (l’histoire qui remonte jusqu’à la préhistoire, le patrimoine, la gastronomie, la vie nocturne…), mais surtout le caractère chaleureux de nous maltais 🙂

3. C’est vraiment IMPOSSIBLE de mentionner un seul lieu !  Si vous aimez l’histoire, Mdina, La Valette, Les Trois Cités et le Grand port de Malte sont les lieux idéaux.  Et cela sans mentionner la grand nombre de fortifications qu’il y a autour de l’île + les Temples Préhistoriques qui sont même plus vieux que les Pyramides d’Egypte !!!  Par contre pour ceux qui préfèrent se détendre, Malte vous offre un grand nombre des plages de sable (surtout celles qui se trouvent au nord de l’île, comme par. ex. Ghadira Bay, Golden Bay… ) + les îles de Gozo & Comino, et ensuite,  Sliema et Paceville pour la vie nocturne (boites de nuit / restaurants  / bars / centres commerciaux…).  En deux mots, ici il y a TOUT ce qu’il faut pour passer un agréable séjour 🙂


Marion répond :

1. Two weeks French

2. The best thing I can tell : beatiful decorations in the streets, the « zen attitude« , the good weather, nice beach (Golden Bay).

3. I prefer Gozo and Paceville!


Gianluca répond :

1. I’m Maltese, and proud to be so 🙂

2. The best thing about Malta? hmm.. difficult to choose.. but I guess the climate in general is great. Also, due to the fact that Malta is a small island makes it easier to go from one place to another and hence, one can visit many great places such as Mdina, Sliema, St. Julians, Gnejna Bay, Paradise Bay, etc.. etc.. etc.. 🙂 I also cannot fail to mention the amazing nightlife and the great socialising opportunities!

3. Personally, my favourite place in Malta is Sliema. It has everything: beautiful beaches, shopping centers, restaurants, a public garden, youth centres and is only 10mins away from Paceville!



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  2. Témoignages très enrichissants qui retrassent bien tout les bonnes choses que nous avons partagées sur ces îles… d:-)

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